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Christian Singles: Are You Tired of Being Single?

Christian singles are signing up online every day, so you don’t want to miss the boat! If you believe that finding that special someone is impossible then go online and get inspired by the success stories. Christian singles are from all walks of life, so that special someone might be waiting for you now. Online dating allows you to filter through members and find people who compliment your personality and Christian values. There has never been a more safer and enjoyable way to meet like minded Christian singles while spreading your faith.

Finding Your Mate is Easier Than You Think

These sites recognize that the Christian singles niche is a sensitive area, and give you the chance to communicate without the awkwardness of face to face dating. Sensitive subjects like children, separation and relationship history can be discussed in a much more relaxed way online. It’s proven that meeting Christian singles like you in your church or at local Christian events is happening less and less. Since the internet revolutionized online dating millions of Christian singles have signed up online to start their journey to love. It’s not only fun but the proof is there that it really does work for you, and it gives you the opportunity to meet some wonderful people.

Remember God wants you to be as one with a perfect partner and share your beliefs and worship him together harmoniously. He will guide you, and you will know when you meet the right partner. Dating online opens up a whole new world of possibilities for Christian singles today and access to a plethora of options. Choosing the right catch from the sea of members is much easier than you think, so don’t let them be the one that got away and start fishing today.

Psalm 33:22
May your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD, even as we put our hope in you.

Christian Dating Service

Christian Dating Service: Find An Ideal Date

Christian dating services seem to be everywhere now, and are all claiming to be the one you should use. If you are an unattached Christian it’s not that easy to find an ideal date, so it’s worth investigating some of the reputable online sites to help you along.Christian Dating Service Christian dating services are mainly places where you will find a variety of avenues to help you along the road of meeting a new partner.

Christian dating services are much more than a list of single Christians online, you will find loads of support, get advice and dating tips, and meet people just like you looking for a serious relationship while sharing your love of God together. Let’s face it in today’s world dating is hard and especially so for Christians hoping to find love and share Christian values in their relationship.

Do You Need Help Finding the Right Mate?

Don’t despair and don’t feel scared of the online dating world, it’s there for a purpose! By using Christian dating services online you have the opportunity to filter through members and decide who you think may be worth communicating with.  There is no pressure on you to date or accept invitations you do not feel may be right for you.

The whole point of Christian dating services are to help you find the right mate. You have the right to be in total privacy, and take your time with nobody around knowing your private business. On another plus side you will meet some fantastic people from all walks of Christian life to swap notes, share advice and of course spread your faith as God wishes.

As fellow Christians found it harder and harder to meet like minded people many Christian dating services online have been developed. Our Lord wants us to be equally Yoked as Paul wrote in the passage 2 Corinthians 6 about Christians and exhorting them not to be bound with non-Christians. He is not saying we should turn our back on non-Christians, but we should not to be associated in a way that could affect our walk with the Lord adversely.

Can you imagine being in a relationship with a Christian who doesn’t share your beliefs or values, so you can imagine being with a non-Christian will be much more difficult and eventually become intolerable. It’s even more important for Christians to find a harmonious relationship that shares the love of God first then of each other. This is why Christian dating services have the answer!

Have you heard of Missionary dating? This is apparently dating a non-Christian for the purpose of evangelism. However most of these situations happen through desperation and they are attracted to the person rather than wanting to lead them to Christ. You will not be surprised to learn that in most of these partnerships the people are miserable.

There is no need to feel desperate with so many reputable Christian dating services available. Be patient and do the right thing by God and he will see that you are rewarded. You have nothing to lose by joining up to some Christian dating services, just everything to gain. Remember the people that created these services have had the same experience as you, so don’t be afraid to jump on board, your perfect mate could be online right now.

2 Corinthians 6:14
Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?

Is this weird or is it just me?

Question by ToothGrinder: Is this weird or is it just me?
As I was watching the boob tube, I came across a commercial that struck me as offensive. The commercial as a online dating site for “black people.” Putting things in perspective helps me to see into things a little deeper and I wondered, “What if there was an online dating service for single white people seeking other white people?” Maybe it’s just me, but that sounds not only bigoted, but offensive. Do people really think that the certain tone of a person’s skin makes them better suited as a mate?

I saw the same thing for “christian singles.” Are people really that close minded?
Luv: Your statement alone is offensive. My great uncle was in the KKK but I am as liberal minded as any equal rights activist. I had as much to do with the enslavement of the Africans as you did abolishing the sick practice. Your response is very ignorant.

Best answer:

Answer by treehugger
Are people really that close minded?


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    Question by Great_Guy_of_Yahoo: Christian Singles,do u sometimes feel ur on the edge of disobeying God’s command to”Marry only in the Lord?
    You wanted to marry someone in your church but you feel there is no one that matches your ideal mate and you are nearing the age that you started to feel insecure and afraid to get old alone. And there are many eligible men outside your church who are willing to marry you?
    How would you combat this feeling?

    Best answer:

    Answer by Blondie
    im still young, but-

    i would only marry a man outside of church who would become a Christian, and who would fully mean it.

    otherwise i wouldnt marry.
    if its not God’s plan, it doesnt happen.

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      Question by kat_xk8: Why do u think older Christian singles think god will still bring their mate to them?
      I spoke with a man who’s 38 year old daughter is still waiting for god to bring her , her spouse ???I’ve heard this from other Christians as well and something seems off here , but excuses they come up with for the delays is even more off and out of touch of reality

      Um 38? My question is why aren’t other Christians having to wait so long ?

      Im not god – duh – but is this mindset of hoping against hope , making excuses for what most likely won’t happen really fair to people ???

      Is this a cop out for being single at an older age

      Thing is , I believe god has nothing to do with who people marry
      1- the current divorce rate ? God has to know in advance this outcome
      2- making other people wait longer than others? Really ???

      What do u think?
      Free Will isn’t the answer to everything religious and also can’t make choice with less than 2 options
      Prayer to wait ????

      Best answer:

      Answer by Animals As Leaders
      Because god is internet savvy and is the secret owner of

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