Question by Eu Sou 미령: Where can make new friends & meet single guys except at bars & dance clubs?
I’m not into bars nor dance clubs, so I don’t know where I can go & socialize.. meet other singles.. guys for possible dating/relationships and.. new friends. I have only a handful of friends, even though they are good quality friends, they are all married & busy, so I want to meet single friends with similar interests. I also don’t have a boyfriend. I lost my job & I study online, so it’s even tougher for me to meet people. Plus I’m shy but I want to be out there & enjoy life!
I already am part of a church, so where else can I go or how can I meet new people?
Some of my hobbies are: I love music (jazz, Brazilian, Christian) and I love volleyball, soccer, beach, museums, shopping, and travel to name a few. I don’t want to meet people thru the internet. Thanks

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Answer by yonatnatlily
the mall or a beach or places where alot of people hanf out

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    Question by Somebody Else: You know what the problem with the “christian singles” site is?
    …They never put out!

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    Answer by lb_centaur
    Do you mean places like

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        Q&A: Christian dating sites?

        Question by Tracy B: Christian dating sites?
        Can someone tell me the best Christian dating sites for people living on the east coast of united Sates

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        Answer by Jessica P

        I was looking for an answer to that question myself. I found the following website that compares the best Christian dating


        I found Christian Cafe to be the best but why not join 2 or 3 for free and see which one you get the best results from.

        Let me know which ones works out best for you.

        Good Luck

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