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Getting your dream job can seem like a very daunting experience after you graduate from college or decide to turn your career in another direction. However, there are some proven directions to increase the chances of getting the right job, starting with the data and responses of one of the world’s leading experts on the recruitment process.

Head of one of the largest recruiting companies in the world and Professor of Psychology at the University of London and Columbia University, Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic is one of the best people to tell you about what employers are looking for. Chamorro-Premuzic shares seven tips to quickly climb the career ladder.

1. The most frequently asked question in job interviews: “What is your weakness?” How would you suggest answering this question?

Try to pretend you’re thinking about the answer because the more understandable you are rehearsing, the less accurate the answer looks. Get away from clichés. For example, don’t use phrases like “I’m too perfectionist” or “I’m very honest”. Like your first date, a job interview is not a place to reveal your most confidential secrets. So don’t hesitate to mention your weaknesses that are not included in your CV, which experienced people who meet with you may already notice. Red Bull Wingfinder is the most valid assessment to help you recognize your shortcomings and even offer coaching advice on them. We all have flaws and limitations, but controlling what determines our true potential also depends on our own abilities.

Jobs can give you a good financial income today. It may also be a job that interests you. As they need creativity, they can also complete different areas of their life. However, competition is also fierce and persistent. Qualifications only ensure that you can pass the first stage. You can’t do much without them, that’s true. But you can’t go very far in the business world without understanding your personality, experience, connections, and self-awareness. We live in a capability economy, and the valid money you have in this regard is your reputation. How can you be different and better than your competitors? I don’t really like the idea of ​​developing your personal brand. It sounds trivial, empty, and selfish. But if your reputation doesn’t stand out or you can’t explain how to use your skills in your business, you can only succeed if you’re lucky.

Your main competitive advantage is discovering your own skills. The tests we have done on Wingfinder provide you specific feedback on how you can do this. The capabilities you need for any role in any company are called raw talent components. (Rewarding – interpersonal and non-interpersonal skills; Ability – a way of thinking that suits the demands of the role; Willingness: motivation).

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I also spent a lot of time on extracurricular activities and had experiences with the outside world. This is important for focusing on studies. But using your free time to create something, watch hobbies, internships, projects, and interact with people is important to prove that you can influence and work well with others. These types of interpersonal skills are important for any company.

Thinking they are better than they really are … Actually, humility, self-awareness, the right career choices and hard work will open all doors. Expect less and give more. You are at the beginning of the learning curve, so realize this journey will probably not be a straight line. Nothing will open more doors than performing in your current role and being valued by the people you work with.

From now on, life will only get harder and more complicated, but seeing things pay off will make you feel better. In real terms, you never really graduate. This is a continuous process of learning, adapting, and learning more about yourself.

Self awareness can get you to a very good point. The better people understand their strengths, limitations, and interests, the wiser career choices. Eventually they like their job more, will perform better and stay longer. In other words, self-awareness is a much more valuable skill than it seems, because it helps people identify jobs that really fit their values ​​and abilities. Remember: Talent is largely personality in the right place. Individuals will also need some data that makes free career-related feedback on Wingfinder even more important so that they can make better choices for themselves.

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