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The Government of Castilla-La Mancha, through the Ministry of Sustainable Development, is processing the help of the thermal social bonus, the total amount of which is 7,729,276 euros, which will be allocated to the 89,245 beneficiaries throughout the region. This was explained this Friday at a press conference in the Delegation of the Guadalajara Board by the Minister of Sustainable Development, Jose Luis Escudero, together with the general director of Agenda 2030 and Consumption, Ramón Lara; and the provincial delegate of the Ministry, José Luis Tenorio.

The ‘Thermal Social Bonus’, as the counselor recalled, is a program of aid to compensate the thermal expenses caused to the most vulnerable consumers due to the use of heating and hot water or cooking. It was created by Royal Decree-Law 15/2018, of October 5, on urgent measures for the energy transition and the protection of consumers in order to complement the ‘Electric Social Bonus’.

As Escudero has said, until now the payment has been paid by the State, but in this 2020 annuity, as established in that Decree, the management has been transferred to the Autonomous Communities so this is the first year that the Government of Castilla -La Mancha manages the payment of this aid.

“And we do it through the General Directorate of Agenda 2030 and Consumption of the Ministry of Sustainable Development, which is the managing body of the payment and who is already working on carrying out all the appropriate procedures so that the economic aid of the thermal social bonus arrives as soon as possible to the most vulnerable consumers in the region, ”said Escudero.

This will be done through a single payment for the year 2020 whose processing began this Friday, October 30, with the aim of being able to receive the aid before the end of the year.

In the words of the counselor, “we have diligently assumed the management of these aids due to our competences in the field of energy and consumption, especially those established by the Law of the Statute of Consumers in Castilla-La Mancha, approved in 2019 by this Government autonomic, with the aim of protection and prevention against energy vulnerability, but also urging all consumers to assume responsibility for energy efficiency and saving at home, as well as for the use of energy, sustainable and renewable resources .

The only condition to receive these aids is to have the ‘Electric Social Bonus’ recognized, a procedure that the person carries out directly with the marketer. The amount of aid to be received is established according to the climatic zone in which it resides and its consideration of recognized vulnerability, which corresponds to the Ministry of Ecological Transition, through the Secretary of State for Energy.

In Castilla-La Mancha there are a total of 89,245 beneficiaries of the Electric Social Bonus as of December 31, 2019, so the beneficiaries of the Thermal Social Bonus will receive a notification at their home from the Climatic Zones. According to data from the Ministry, of the 89,245 potential beneficiaries, 43,799 are considered ‘vulnerable’ and 45,446 ‘severe vulnerable’. In the province of Guadalajara, specifically, there are 6,464 beneficiaries, with 568,274.34 euros of aid.

All the provinces of the region are considered climate zone D; and also climatic zone E in some areas of the province of Guadalajara such as Molina de Aragón, Sigüenza and neighboring municipalities, so the territorial scope of the most unpopulated areas is also taken into account. Those interested can consult all the information in this link of the Castilla-La Mancha Consumer Portal:

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