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How to make an appointment by phone at the INEM SEPE (State Public Employment Service) to process unemployment benefits. All provincial telephones.

Due to the health alert that we are experiencing due to COVID-19, customer service at SEPE offices could be altered.

Before going, check that the corresponding office is open to the public and check the security measures to access.

To carry out any procedure related to unemployment benefits and subsidies, it is essential that we request an appointment in advance so that we can be attended to at the SEPE employment office. We show you how you can make an appointment before the INEM by phone, step step.

The telephone number to make an appointment in advance INEM is not free, but sometimes, the cost of the call can be high.

Alternatively to 901 01 02 10, the SEPE provides a list of provincial landlines to request an appointment by phone, in order to reduce the cost of the call, or even make it free for those who have contracted calls to national landlines.

Dial 901 01 02 10 or the telephone number of the province where you reside, and follow the steps of the speech that you will hear as we show you below:

After listening to the welcome message from the State Public Employment Service, enter the 5 digits of your zip code on your phone keypad

To verify that the DNI / NIE is correct, the phrase will indicate which is the letter that corresponds to that numbering. You must confirm it again by pressing 1 (Yes) or 2 (No).

* The day you go, you must pay attention to the screens, to know which table you should go to.

The request for a prior appointment to the INEM by phone does not give you the possibility of choosing the appointment, but it is reserved automatically as you enter the data.

If for any reason you want to cancel the appointment with the SEPE already scheduled, you cannot do it by phone, but you must do it through the SEPE page of previous appointment, by clicking here.

We will be able to find out about all the questions in relation to the different services that the SEPE manages.

An appointment is also required to make any query related to a service or company certificate.

Certain unemployment benefits can be renewed for semi-annual periods up to their maximum duration, which is usually 18 months.

You can also manage other types of requests such as the Agrarian Income in Andalusia and Extremadura, the Agrarian Subsidy or extraordinary subsidies such as the Active Insertion Income or the Extraardinary Unemployment Subsidy, which has replaced the old Plan Prepara

To access all the information on how to obtain SEPE certificates online, click here.

The Autonomous Employment Services as a general rule do not have the prior appointment system, and it will not be necessary to request it to carry out procedures related to our job application, such as sealing unemployment or registering as a job seeker.

This month they did not enter the strike that I can do because the appointment is after 6 days and I need the money. Maybe because I changed the bank there is a problem.Thank you !!!!

Based on the information you provide us, we cannot know the reason why you have not received the payment for your benefit.

There are various factors that can lead to not receiving the monthly amount, such as not having renewed the job application on the scheduled date, changes in the situation that have not been reported to the SEPE or an error in the bank details.

You should contact them to explain what the cause of the delay is.

10 days ago I asked for a receipt as I do not charge anything, I have not been sent it yet, thank you

Hello, a few days ago my unemployment ended and I went to request a subsidy for family burden, two children and my deceased the girl from the administration that I do not have the right to an allowance for me unemployment was from the agrarian system and I went with empty hands I don’t know why is it like that

effectively the unemployment benefit can be requested when the contributory benefit is exhausted. If you have been a beneficiary of the agricultural subsidy or the agricultural income, it is not possible to receive the unemployment subsidy later.

Hello, good morning .quero cites with for the issue of the transport bonus for the unemployed, there is no way to get it, thank you.

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